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> Characters A/L
An average soldier working for Tudor's army. He is the leader of the Blue Whale Squadron. Extremely self-confident, he uses to appear ridiculous very often.
He is the young son of Yulius, brother of the king of Midland. Due to the importance of his name, he is forced to stand very hard combat trainings. His life can somehow be compared to the one Gatsu had during his childhood.
She's the faithful servant of Charlotte, always ready to get in trouble just to help her beloved princess.
He is one of the Apostles that will join the new Band of the Hawks after Grifis' reincarnation. He is a lone and silent hunter, fast, precise, and definitely lethal, specialized in using his bow from incredible distances. His accuracy and potency in using ranged weapons are incomparable.
One of the strongest warriors of the Knights of the Holy Iron Chain. He is a noble and well known knight, famous for his ability in fighting; he executes every order of her commander Farnese, even if sometimes he doesn't agree with her. He has a deep respect for the code of the knights, and he is able to stay calm in every kind of situation.
A prisoner of Midland, very strong and respected by other prisoners. In order to become the commander of the Black Dogs, he will challenge Wiald in a duel. He will be brutally killed in a few seconds.
A group of assassins coming from the East. The king of Midland will order them to stop Grifis' escape.
He is the general of Tuder's army. He is very famous everywhere because of his ability in battle. He will be a very tough opponent for Gatsu, during their duel on the battlefield.
A strong warrior, called also "The Grey Knight" bacause of his armor. Gatsu will kill him during his youth.
Behelit Apostle
He is the most powerful Apostle appeared in Berserk so far. His power is not based on physical strenght though (even if he's able to be an even match to Skullknight): he shows his true power through his dark abilities, which will make Grifis resurrect as a corporal being. The man hidden behind Behelit apostle is a child who has been persecuted during his youth, forced to live among a mountain of corpses, in terrible circumstances. His hatred towards the world will lead him to make a blood pact with the God Hand, allowing him to become this sad, terrible monster.
Caska ( Kyasuka )
The only woman member of the Band of the Hawks, respected and feared by many soldiers for her amazing ability with the sword. Initially hostile to Gatsu, after some years she will understand that she loves him.
Doughter of the king of Midland, and princess of the realm. She has a terrible relationship both with his father (who sees in her his dead wife) and with the queen (her stepmother). She will deeply fall in love for Grifis.
A noble man who made a terrible human sacrifice in order to become a powerful servant of the God Hand.
An old and powerful mage under Ganishuka control. He leads a certain amount of men within Kushan's army.
A member of the Band of the Hawks. He will be killed by Gatsu before he joins them.

He is a servant of the Count. Because of his fears, he accepts and executes every single order coming from the Count.

A soldier of the assault squadron of the Band of the Hawks. He will be killed by Zodd.
A mercenary working in Gambino's army. He will sexually abuse of Gatsu after his first battle.
She is the young doughter of Phos. She is kidnapped by Grifis in order to blackmail her father, to obtain important informations and avoid being killed during the conspiracy against Grifis.
A soldier of the Band of the Hawks: he will attack Gatsu before he joins the band. He will be seriously injured in the fight and he will lose one arm. He will survive though.
Her parents were killed during a war involving her town. Erika will be saved by Godor, that will love her like if she was his real daughter. She is a pure and innocent girl, and she will be able to englight Godor's frozen heart with sparks of hope and humanity.

He's a grotesque and disgusting man. The king of Midland will order him to torture Grifis for one year.

Farnese Vandimion
She comes from an extremely rich and influent family of Midland, and she is the leader of the Knights of the Holy Iron Chain, a squadron who takes orders directly from the highest members of the Church. Even if she tries to appear strong and determined, she always hides her terrible weaknesses, holding them inside since her youth. She usually seems too much fussy to her soldiers, so she is not very popular among them.
Federico De Vandimion
He is the austere father of Farnese. His family is one of the richest of Midlands, and it has a close relationship with the Church, which receives economical helps by Vandimion's family.
She is the ancient and powerful witch of the forest, who initiated Shilke to the magic arts when she was very young and keeps teaching her everything she knows. Flora lives in a house protected by magic powers and stone golems. She knows the Skullknight since ancient times. She will help Gatsu and his friends in their battles, giving them magic weapons and a mysterious armour in which an incredible power is hidden.
She is one of the prostitues working in Luka's group. She's often together with Lucy, who seems to be her best friend.
He is a ferocious and powerful emperor, who lived a lot of time before the story told in Berserk. A comparison between Gaisselik and Grifis can be made, since they both have been unstoppable conquerors. What remains of Gaisselik now lives as the Skullknight.
Leader of a mercenary army, he will accept Gatsu as adoptive son and he will initiate him to the art of war, with extremely hard trainings.
He's the cruel emperor of kushans. Ganishuka is an apostle who became, with the passing of time, terribly powerful and extremely self confident. He has then separated from the God Hand and from the White Hawk, starting a sort of war against them all. He wants to show them his true powers, ending to rule on them and on everything else as well.
He escaped thanks to Gambino's army from the womb of her mother, condemned to death. He was born after the mother was hanged. Right after his birth, he is adopted by Sys, wife of Gambino. After Sys' death, Gambino will take care of him. Gatsu will soon become a very strong and able warrior. When he was 11 years old, he's forced to kill Gambino to protect himself. He spends his youth in the battlefields, becoming an incredibly good fighter. His meeting with Grifis will give to Gatsu the possibility to start thinking about his future. His life will change forever.
God Hand
Powerful demons coming from another dimension. They influence the mortal world, but men cannot be able to understand what their real plans are.
He is the founder and the leader of the Band of the Hawks. Grifis is both an extremely good swordsman and a clever and sharp strategist. His relationship with Gatsu is based on a mutual high consideration for the ability in combat and of course on a deep and sincere friendship. Cold and unpredictable planner, Grifis has immense ambitions...
She's a little elf friend of Shilke. They have a relationship similar to the one between Gatsu and Puck. Ibarella is a very positive character, usually able to contrast the general sadness or negative mood of Shilke, allowing her to smile quite often, just like Puck does with Gatsu.
He is around 12 years old. He meets Gatsu during his travels and decides to follow him to master the way of the sword. He is very smart, and even if he usually act childish, he will be useful many times. His skill in fighting are amazing, considering his age.
She is a teenager who dwells in a little town where Gatsu will happen to arrive during his travels (at the beginning of the second part of the manga). Jill had a very difficult life because of her father, who uses to be drunk all the day and all the days, beating her very often. She will find in Gatsu a hope to change her own future.
Young and respected soldier member of the Band of the Hawks. His ability with throwing knives is unmatched.
King of Midland
The powerful lord of a city. After becoming an apostle, he started slaughtering his citizens. He uses to eat human's flesh.
Kolcas ( Korkas )
Even if he's very fearful, he is sort of important within the Band of the Hawk, and he leads a consistent number of soldiers. He envy Gatsu's success, and often shows his hatred and his anger for him.
She is a very powerful apostle who lives in the Forbidden Forest (a place where, many years before, elves used to dwell). She is bound to Jill because of a past where their lives where linked.
A young and pretty girl who tries to survive working as a prostitute in Sant'Albione. She is always strong and very determined, and she leads a group of four prostitutes. They all help each other sharing the money they make and living together. She has a particular relationship with Nina, one of the prostitutes working with her. Somehow, Luka is seen by Nina like a sort of mother.


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