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> News and Updates
  07/13/2007:. We have updated the section Characters A/L with the descriptions of all the characters whose name starts for F, plus some descriptions under G letter. We're working on filling as fast as possible these sections (the ones that are still uncomplete, like Plot and Characters), while still providing new stuff coming from the Italian version of Berserk Realm. [Emdief]
  07/06/2007:. Today we have added 2 more statues and 1 model kit in Study > Gadgets section. The model kit is about the escape of Gatsu during the second serie of the manga, when he keeps Farnese as an hostage. The two statues can be found under Multy and Skullknight sections. The one in multy is obviously taken from the duel between Gatsu and Zodd in the hill near Godor's house, we suggest you to take a look, seems nicely done. [Emdief]
  06/29/2007:. Characters A/L has been updated with the descriptions for all the characters from D to E, that makes 9 new descriptions. The new section Study > Names' Analysis has been added to the menu, with the first 3 analysis (Beheli, Flora and Gatsu). This saction will obviously be filled during the next updates. [Emdief]
  06/22/2007:. First of all we want to thank you all for the incredible (and somehow unespected) support Berserk Realm EN has immediately had right after its opening. And now some updates: section Characters A/L has been updated with the descriptions for all the characters from A to C, which means 11 new descriptions. Plot > Summaries Anime Episodes has been updated as well, we have now added episode 2. Please feel free to use the TagBoard to your right if you feel so, even if most of us are italian we can speak English, so language shouldn't really be an issue. We will try to update Berserk Realm EN once every friday, and we are planning to have a vacation during August. More updates coming soon. [Emdief]
  06/15/2007:. Hello everyone, and welcome to the first English version of Berserk Realm. As some of you might already know, Berserk Realm is one of the most important websites about Berserk in Europe. We decided to translate in English all our work to allow a wider range of people to understand all the contents we have created. Since we're opening right now, don't expect to find here all the informations you can find in the original (Italian) version of this site. Infact, the most of the stuff will have to be traslated later on, little by little and with constant updates. Hopefully, updates will be once every week, but don't take that as a promise, we will just translate as fast as we can. Moreover, our English will most likely be far from perfect so, if you're from US or UK and want to contribute in the development of Berserk Realm, we would be grateful if you send us e-mails whenever you happen to find mistakes. I guess that's all for today, take your time to visit the available sections and let us know if you have some specific request or your feedback about our work. I hope you will enjoy your stay!
Regards. [Emdief]


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