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> Author > Biography
Kentarou Miura sensei is the author of Berserk.
He was born in Chiba, 11th July 1966. When he was only 10 years old he made his first manga, named “Miuranger”. On 1982, following this natural attitude, he attended artistic high-school, while he kept drawing and being published on some Japanese fanzine, where he was quite appreciated. After the school, he joined a competition on Shonen Magazine, and he obtained a special prize with his manga Futatabi.
But the most important event happened in 1988, when he won an award for Berserk (a short story, starting point for the Berserk we all know), that he sent to Hakusensha, a famous Japanese publisher. On 1990, the first number of Berserk is released in Japan. Berserk didn’t sell very good in Japan at the beginning honestly, and only in 1991 its sales did improve slightly. Due to its success, starting from 1992 Berserk started to be published in other countries as well. On 1997 Berserk anime is released in Japan, made up from 13 episodes that summarize the first part of the manga.

Other Miura works: Ken e no Michi (1997); Noa (1985); Oh-Roh (1989), in cooperation with Bronson; Oh-Rohden (1990), where’s still Bronson the one who writes the plot; and Japan (1992).

- He is close friends with Yoshihiro Togashi, author of Yu Yu Hakusho and husband of Sailor Moon authoress Naoko Takeuchi.
- Miura was born with webbed toes, a fact not known to most of his fans. {picture}
- He is left handed.


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