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> Study > Apostles
Apostles have always been one important element of Berserk. They were originally normal people, not necessary rich or noble, nor important for society. Due to a lucky sequence (destiny actually) of events, all of them did happen to find a behelit (the olive-green one, not the red one; you can go check our study about behelit if you wish to know more about it). All the apostles have in common one particular element: pain, suffering for a negative condition that took away a lot of time of their existence, or for a particular event of their life that made them feel an extremely deep pain, making them collapse under the weight of something terribly tragic. This agony brought them to use their behelit to summon the God Hand. After calling these demons, they have been able to obtain a super-human body, becoming semi-immortal and gaining incredible powers, devoting their own lives to evil forces. In order to become an apostle, after summoning the God Hand, the evoker has to make a sacrifice, offering to the darkness the people or the person they love the most.
After becoming apostles, they can still keep their human form, but they can also transform in horrible monsters whenever they want to.
Their physical form, when not human, is usually similar to a particular animal, and every apostle has a different shape. The animal they take their appearance from (like the snake for Koca or the dragonfly for Lucine), usually represents the inner soul of every apostle, his own nature, his dream or his weakness. In the very moment in which their supernatural body is destroyed, they all return to their original human look, and their soul is quickly swallowed by a sort of vortex of damnation.
Even if they are actually servants of the God Hand, they don’t have any particular task or mission they have to accomplish or to do. In the fatalistic vision expressed by K. Miura, all that they have to do is just to behave as they please, following all their desires, doing what their souls make them willing to do. They just do not have to stop in what they are doing, whatever it is.
Anyways, it might happen that an apostle receives a task or particular orders from the God Hand. If this happens, the apostle has to obviously obey (we can think about Wiald for example), putting the orders he received in front of anything else, and giving his life to serve the evil forces.
Another characteristic they all share, is the fact that they can transform in monsters the common people around them, dramatically increasing their strength, resistance and agility, and making them become like powerful slaves ready to follow any order.


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