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> Study > Names Analysis
It’s important to understand that Miura usually created these names without thinking about something in particular, so they might just be considered made up from his own fantasy. The analysis you can find down here, are the most famous/trusted, after a study lasted many years, done by fans all over the world. These theories can be considered right, but they have never been confirmed by Miura himself. If you want to contribute in this study, feel free to send me an email at with your ideas. The best works will of course be published in this section.

BEHELIT: It most likely comes from “beheld”, simple past of to behold. Behelit’s role is actually watching, observing, looking after his bearer, protecting him and sometimes even saving his life in a way that will seem totally based on luck. Even the Behelit apostle doesn’t usually do much more than watching the world lurking in obscurity, silently. Studies confirmed that “beherit” is a Syrian word that means devil.

FLORA: It comes from flora, a Latin word that means vegetation, the vegetal world. The reason for which Miura used this name is evident if we consider the modus vivendi of the witch, surrounded by trees in the depths of a forest, far away from civilization, in a world still uncontaminated, living in a house built up with trees, roots and leaves. Beside being a witch, Flora also represents the purity of something real that hasn’t being contaminated by the dirt existing in the world yet, that being magic or simply the nature.

GATSU: Miura confirmed during an interview that Gatsu didn’t have any particular meaning when he invented it. In fact, sensei Miura only wanted to create a short and strong name, that sounded somehow rude and fast. After some time though, he found out that “katse” means cat in German, and he was kind of happy about this. So he started to imagine Gatsu like a sort of silent and always-lurking hunter. Actually, as we all know quite good, Gatsu doesn’t use to be as silent as a cat, always being very rude and brutal, slaughtering people or monsters without thinking much about not being detected.


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