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> Study > Behelit
The behelit ( or “Egg of the Conqueror King” ) is a particular stone-amulet, created by some supernatural Force. It is a little bit smaller than an egg, its shape is similar, but it has two eyes shut, a mouth and a nose that appear to be randomly disposed on its surface. There are two kind of behelit: the olive-green one (sometimes purple as well) and the scarlet-red one. The first kind is the most common, and every olive-green behelit can have more than one owner. Behelit is able to feel despair within his own master and, whenever it reaches its acme, the amulet will move its own facial traits in order to become similar to a real human face. It will then open its mouth and its eyes (that might start crying blood tears). At the end of this process, behelit will open a portal to make a connection between human and demonic world, where the God Hand (a group of terrible arc demons who possess enormous powers) dwells. At this point, the behelit’s owner has to make a sacrifice, offering the person or the people that he loves the most, in order to become an Apostle, an extremely powerful servant of darkness (read our study about Apostles if you wish to know more).
The scarlet behelit works in a similar way. They are a way more uncommon than normal behelits, and actually very rare. They can have only one owner, someone that can be considered a chosen one. Whenever the scarlet behelit comes in touch with his master, it will never leave him, and it will protect him whenever the owner is in danger. Even if for a chain of strange circumstances they will happen to split, behelit will come back to his owner, in a way that will seem only dependent on luck. Just like the green behelits, it is triggered through despair, but it works in a different way. Whoever owns a scarlet behelit, has the possibility to become an immortal arc demon belonging to the God Hand, abandoning his mortal body and making a terrible sacrifice.

Study on Ideology
The God Hand ( and, considering it a metaphor, we can think about evil in general ) is nothing but human vulnerability, the weakness that comes to life whenever the fundament of your existence collapses. The betrayal of the person you love, the end of your dream, the one you were devoting your life to, or the inability to accept a change that is, even if terrible, part of the flow of things. If something like this happens, your fragility doesn’t allow you to stand still on your own feet, there is your fall, your collapse, and you are swallowed by a lot of negative feelings, killing every single positive light you kept deep inside you. When this happens you cannot just go on, wherever you look at you can’t see anything but darkness, anger, hatred, pain, despair, you don’t have anything to live for nor to fight for ( Gatsu is a perfect example to analyze a different condition, since he actually lives for a revenge he seeks due to his love for Caska ). In this very moment you become a prey: evil pinches you, darkness becomes a sweet poison able to seduce you… that is the easiest path you can take: this means losing yourself sinking into something both terrible and infinite, instead than to keep fighting, listening to the screams coming from your wounded heart. Weak people cannot do anything but becoming preys for evil, they do chose to sacrifice everything, even the most important person of their life, even their dreams, to overcome their inability to stand pain.
And Gatsu, who really lost everything during that eclipse, never had a behelit. He wouldn’t know what to do with one, indeed.
Someone stands until the end.


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