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> Plot > Summaries Anime Episodes > 1-5
Episode 1: The story begins with the big and dark protagonist that, after getting into a tavern, saves Colette ( a girl who probably dwells nearby ) from four thugs. Gatsu fights against these four men who work for Koca, lord of the town. He kills three of them, and tells the fourth to go and inform Koca about what happened. The lord isn’t obviously very pleased, and he decides to burn the entire village and slaughter all the citizens: the mayor tries to persuade him not to do such a massacre, Koca answers that he wants to have fun and nobody is going to stop him. The fight between Gatsu and Koca is inevitable. They have an extremely violent duel. All of a sudden, Koca transforms into a monster, similar to a giant snake. The battle becomes a way harder for Gatsu, but in the end he is able to prevail on the monster, beating him thanks to his giant sword and to a cannon hidden inside his mechanic-arm. The black swordsman tortures Koca and asks him about the God Hand. Koca answers that he doesn’t know anything about them, and recognises a mysterious brand on Gatsu’s neck. He dies soon after.

Episode 2: A very long flashback about Gatsu’s youth begins with this episode. Gatsu is still a child, doing the mercenary as main job tu survive. He is indeed a very good warrior, despite of the young age. A city is under assault; Gatsu’s army is invading it. Gatsu seems to be a fearless boy, and he is able to defeat a strong enemy who was creating troubles to his companions. After the end of the battle, he leaves his group and starts travelling alone. During the way though, he is suddenly attacked by some guys who appear to be brigands riding horses. Gatsu easily takes care of them. A girl (good with the sword, but not as good as Gatsu) and Grifis (leader of the people who attacked him) engage a fight against him. The duel is very short: Grifis hits Gatsu with his sword, but he spares his life, since he’s been impressed by Gatsu’s abilities in combat. Gatsu has been seriously wounded, and he is brought at Grifis’ camp, where he is healed. Caska (the girl who attacked him) is forced to take care of him while he is unconscious. Two days after, Gatsu is able to stand up. Grifis doesn’t waste any time, and asks him to join his army, the Band of the Hawks. Gatsu refuses, and he challenges Grifis in a new duel, to conquer his freedom.


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